Aia Software launches ITP/customer correspondence management system

Source: Aia Software

Aia Software, a leading author and developer of intelligent document composition software, has launched the ITP/Customer Correspondence Management (ITP/CCM).

It enables organisations to manage their customer correspondence in order to untap the value of CRM, cut costs and increase marketing efficiency whilst meeting internal and external compliance. It allows organisations to combine output from different business applications and optimise multi-channel communications such as email, online and print.

Many organisations are struggling with the burden of managing customer correspondence from legacy and CRM systems which may hold different profiles for the same customer. Changes made to the CRM system may not be updated in legacy applications, leading to incorrect or inappropriate communications with customers, e.g. information is sent by mail rather than email, despite this preference recorded in the CRM system.

Jeroen Huinink, Innovation Manager, Aia Software commented, "ITP/CCM enables organisations to communicate with customers according to their preferences. It interfaces with the CRM system to determine the customer communication profile and analyses, manages, (re)combines, improves and distributes all company output irrespective of which application generated the content. It drives better customer correspondence management without the need to update legacy systems."

The benefits for customers from ITP/CCM include:

  • Streamlined correspondence output processes into a single application which supports an accurate and efficient multi-channel customer communications strategy
  • Reduced costs by eliminating print and postage from unnecessary printed communications
  • Cut time required to integrate multiple output streams into a single envelope
  • It is easier to include and personalise marketing messages on customer documents such as invoices, statements and policy documents
  • Greater control and certainty regarding the customer communications process

ITP/CCM enables legacy applications to use modern communication channels, such as email email or portals. It gathers all output generated by traditional and new systems and follows the customer profile and communication rules laid down by the business. By integrating customer correspondence management into the CRM system, relevant personal details can be linked to documents and used for major batch mailings or personalised one-to-one communications.

Christoffel Klimbie, Sales Director, Aia Software UK concludes, "ITP/CCM enables authorised users within the organisation to make changes to the established customer communication rules, without requiring help from the IT department. Customer communication therefore becomes 'Business Owned' and 'Business Managed'. It will be of particular interest to financial services companies such as insurers and retail banks with multiple document composition products who want to bundle all output streams into a single envelope. ITP/CCM will enable organisations to untap the value of CRM and optimise marketing communications."

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