Trayport and Percival team on clearing and settlement

Source: Trayport Exchange Systems

Trayport Exchange Systems and Percival Software Limited today announced the integration of Percival's Depend with Trayport's Exchange Trading System.

Depend is a clearing, settlement, depository, and registry system for equities and bonds.

Trayport's Exchange Trading System is designed to interact smoothly with central clearing systems. The partnering of technologies with Percival's systems allows Trayport's Exchange Trading System to connect seamlessly and in real time to a fully functional clearing and settlement service.

In addition to clearing and settlement, Depend will also provide Trayport's Exchange Trading System with integrated central securities depository and registration functionality. A variety of configurable modular elements will allow each implementation to be adapted to the exchange's requirements.

"Trayport and Percival have already completed a Beta version and client deliveries will commence from November 2009," said Adrienne Muir, Head of Trayport Exchange Systems. "This collaboration allows both close and loose coupled integration between Trayport's Exchange Trading System and Depend. Trayport is now able to offer integrated clearing and settlement through an acknowledged provider as a standard part of our product set for equities and bonds."

According to Dr. Chris Richardson from Percival, Trayport's Exchange Trading System has proven very straightforward to integrate making it a suitable partner system for Depend from an architectural and environmental perspective.

"We hope to extend the functional scope of our integrated products even more in the future and win more projects in exchanges and related areas", said Dr. Richardson.

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