Iris Analytics names Neil Jackson regional director, South East Asia

Source: Iris Analytics

Iris Analytics GmbH, a software and consulting company, specializing in realtime payment fraud prevention, announces that as part of its international expansion plan it has appointed Neil Jackson to assume the role of Regional Director - South East Asia.

The new regional office is based in Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Mr. Jackson, a seasoned fraud practitioner, brings years of experience in consumer and payment fraud prevention to IRIS Analytics, having worked in Banks and Financial Institutions in Malaysia and Singapore. Prior to IRIS Analytics, he was Vice President / Group Head of Cards & Unsecured Loans - Risk Control, and served as Chairman of the National Risk Council of Malaysia. He has also served as Chairman of the Malaysian Risk Management Task Force and Chairman of the Singapore Card Security Group.

IRIS technology has been deployed in a number of high street banks and payment processors across Europe & North America since 2000. The key features of the current IRIS 4 software product are its robustness and capability of responding to up to 10,000 authorization request per second 'in flight', with latency of less than one millisecond, and the rapid generation of decision models. The combined features enable timely transaction analysis and low false positive rates. In addition, IRIS Analytics has in excess of 80 man years experience in consumer payment fraud prevention. "These synergies will add value to banks, financial institutions and payment processors in South East Asia. In addition, our clients will be able to leverage on intelligence information on emerging fraud trends from the respective regions", says Nikolaus Bayer, Managing Director and co-founder of IRIS Analytics.

Neil Jackson commented: "I have deployed a number of rules based and neural net technology solutions to combat payment fraud. The scope and extent varied based on the technology, but to achieve an acceptable performance was always the challenge vis-à-vis balancing customer experience, productivity and fraud loss performance. With the rapid generation of decision models offered by IRIS Analytics, I believe risk managers will not only realize improved fraud savings in terms of speed of detection when managing changing and emerging fraud trends, but also realize productivity gains and cost reduction by controlling the level of false positives. The overall performance improvement enables risk managers to fortify their business case in justifying the deployment of new generation of technology solutions at a fraction of the cost."

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