Nyse Technologies makes SFTI network upgrades

Source: Nyse Technologies

Nyse Technologies, the commercial technology unit of Nyse Euronext (NYX) and operator of the global Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure (SFTI) network, announced that it is making significant enhancements to its SFTI network.

Top broker dealer matching facilities and new cloud services for financial institutions will be available over the SFTI network. In addition, the core bandwidth of the network will double, going from 10 to 20Gb. NYSE Technologies also has added remote access via the Internet and a new self service portal for SFTI network customers. Current SFTI clients can register for free access to this support resource at nyxdata.com/connectivity.

"Financial services companies who want the industry's best connectivity solutions are finding the SFTI network to be a more attractive choice every day. We have a fast-growing business community here, used by more members than ever because of its combination of reach, reliability and speed," said Ken Barnes, Vice President, Global Connectivity, NYSE Technologies. "A single path connects you to nearly every displayed market - not just the NYSE's - in the US, and now to the top broker dealer execution facilities, and hosted order routing, market data and computer services as well. More importantly, we've made substantial improvements to our customer service operations which are resulting in faster implementations and more intelligent and responsive customer service. Although we're far from done, we are proud of the results we have begun to deliver with this offering."

The NYSE Technologies' SFTI platform continues to be a leader in low-latency connectivity for U.S. trading markets and has aggressively expanded its presence in key trading markets in Europe and Asia. The SFTI network is NYSE Euronext's highly resilient, ultra low-latency communications backbone created for the use of financial industry participants. It offers connectivity to multiple exchanges, market centers and financial services content providers, including all of the National Market System markets and over 1,300 market participants in the U.S. and others throughout Europe and Asia. The SFTI FIX protocol provides open, standards-based access for data aata and trading transactions. The SFTI network's dynamic routing capabilities, supported by the OMS neutral FIX router, enable our members to interact with any destination on the SFTI network through the ease and simplicity of a single FIX connection.

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