Angel Acquisition revamps microfinance Web portal

Source: Angel Acquisition

Angel Acquisition Corp. (OTC BB: AGEL) is unveiling the upgraded, 3.0 version of the company's innovative microfinance web-portal

The new site features an intuitive, user-friendly social network, music players, video functionality, and much more.

The Angels In Action community can now actively feature U.S. based entrepreneurs, promote their products and services, and make loans. The site also features "Angels", generous Americans and global citizens who "Spend to Lend". These individuals and/or "Teams" - groups of Angels such as churches, organizations, clubs, etc. - spend $10 or more per month into the site, and finance the dreams of American entrepreneurs.

Bands, musicians, and comedians can also create profiles, load their creative content onto the music players, sell merchandise, and more. Artists, artisans, photographers, writers, filmmakers, and others can also feature and sell their work in the online Angels In Action marketplace at "We have created a unique social network that invites global citizens to spend into our system, so that we can lend to U.S. based entrepreneurs. We're fueling American dreams, and we're aiming to fuel America's economic renaissance. Entrepreneurs are the fabric and backbone of innovation. With so many layoffs, and unemployment, there are millions of Americans with brilliant ideas in need of quick and ready financing. As each Angel spends into the Angels In Action web-portal, they allow AIA to make direct micro-loans to U.S. based entrepreneurs in need. It's an extraordinary opportunity to rebuild the U.S. economy from the ground up," says Steve Bonenberger, CEO of Angel Acquisition Corp.

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