Wells Fargo expands FX Web site

Source: Wells Fargo

To provide increased access to financial products and resources for U.S. travelers going abroad, Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) has expanded its Foreign Exchange website, now allowing travelers to choose from more than 70 currencies.

With an increase in non traditional travel destinations, the demand for purchasing currencies has also risen. Previously only offering 14 major currencies online, Wells Fargo now provides access to more than 70 currencies, including Argentina, Egypt, Morocco, Paraguay, Russia and Vietnam. With a streamlined ordering process, Wells Fargo also provides customers with exact exchange rates for their transaction and an estimated delivery date based on the currency they order, allowing customers to be fully informed of their purchases.

"Our goal is to provide our customers with access to the resources and products they need through all the available banking channels-phone, in the store and online. We expanded the range of currencies available online in recognition of the growing need among our customers to access these services," said Andrew Adeboi, vice president and sales manager for Wells Fargo Foreign Exchange sales. "Our customers now have quick and secure access to a wider range of services to help them better prepare to travel abroad."

The Wells Fargo Foreign Exchange website also provides travelers with updated currency rate information.


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