Neptune signs Kosovo's BZMF and Ghana's Adehyeman to Rubikon

Source: BZMF

Neptune Software announces the signing of the Besëlidhja Zavet Microfinance (BZMF) for their Rubikon banking platform.

BZMF was established in 1999 by World Relief to help individuals and communities in Kosovo work towards recovery and reconciliation. BZMF began its lending operations in 1999 in Pristina, and now boasts satellite offices in Gjilan, Istog, Klina, Podujeve, Mitrovica Jugore and Mitrovica Veriore.

Rubikon will provide the complete microfinance platform at BZMF with an aggressive implementation time-line thanks to Rubikon's modern web-based architecture, rules-based integrated business process management capabilities, model-based products and services factory, combined with continuous operations thanks to virtualisation of the end-of-day processes.

Derek Wardlaw, Managing Director at BZMF, comments "We evaluated a number of supplier options, but in the end it was the professionalism of the Neptune team, the flexibility and operational efficiency that Rubikon's unique architecture is capable of delivering, and the track record of rapid implementations that convinced us we were looking at the right system in Rubikon, and the right partner in Neptune, to take BZMF forward."

Stacey Small, Sales Director, who led the sale for Neptune, concludes "we are extremely excited and pleased to be working with BZMF. Rubikon is fast becoming recognised internationally, not just for its innovation in enabling financial services organisations, but equally as having a low risk rapid implementation profile. Rubikon was recently implemented in a multi-branch national savings and credit bank in under six months, including data migration. This is possible thanks to Rubikon's clean modern architecture and highlights the quick win benefits compared to some of our big name competitors! Separately, Neptune Software is excited to announce that Adehyeman Savings and Loans Limited, a fully registered and licensed savings and loans company in Accra, has signed
contract for supply and implementation of the Rubikon Banking System, as part of their strategic plan to revamp the existing system in order to stay ahead in the market!

Adehyeman Savings and Loans Limited was incorporated in July 2004 and focuses on microfinance activities through the mobilisation of savings from the retail public, and the provision of credit, largely to households, micro- and small businesses.

Mrs. Arah Sadava, Managing Director of the bank, quoted 'An investigation had been carried out into the existing ICT and banking system solutions and it was concluded that the existing systems were inadequate for support of their current operations, as well as for the rapid growth and branch expansion envisaged. Adehyeman therefore decided to acquire a new banking system and to strengthen the underlying ICT to support it; hence the initiation of a software evaluation process which concluded with the selection of the Rubikon Banking System from Neptune Software'.

A key goal of Adehyeman is to position itself as a major financial institution, with the objective of distinguishing itself from other savings and loans companies by offering easy, accessible banking through inter-branch banking and electronic transactions using ATMs/Point of Sale, plus effective and efficient loan processing. Neptune is confident that Rubikon will be a key driving force behind Adehyeman's expansion!

'The congruency between the strategic objectives of Adehyeman and the rich and comprehensive features, functionalities and benefits of the Rubikon banking system led to its ultimate choice from a pack of other world class solutions' said Andrew Anakhu, Neptune's Regional Sales Manager for West Africa. He added that the selection by Adehyeman came after a rigorous evaluation process through which the superior SOA architecture, truly web-based nature, integrated workflow, 24/7 availability and robust e-banking capabilities, amongst many others, were clearly demonstrated, giving Rubikon a position of distinction.

Mrs. Sadava is optimistic that the implementation of the Rubikon banking system will lead to "better performance, new and innovative products and increased profitability".

Mr. Anakhu concluded that Neptune Software's provision of profound support services gives clients a very high level of assurance of system efficiency and therefore, customer service quality and highly predictable consistency.

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