Bank Leumi migrates apps via Magic platform

Source: Magic Software Enterprises

Magic Software Enterprises (NASDAQ: MGIC), a global provider of application platforms and business and process integration solutions, today announced that it has successfully migrated 60 banking applications to uniPaaS for Bank Leumi, Israel's leading commercial bank with 317 branches including the UK, representation in 21 countries and approximately $84 billion in assets.

The migration was carried out in a short time using automatic migration tools that did not require the use of hard-coding.

The migration to the uniPaaS application platform will enable Bank Leumi to develop and deploy advanced banking software and gives them the option to easily add on rich internet technologies. Rich Internet Applications (RIA) combines the enhanced functionality and user experience of locally installed software with the cost-effectiveness and accessibility of the web.

The migration also allows Bank Leumi to improve their application and data security. uniPaaS applications are browser free and have a proprietary and fully secured message format between the Server and Client that allows organizations to better protect their mission-critical business processes.

"To migrate sixty applications in a bank of this size is not an easy process," says Yitschak Malach, head of operations and senior vice president for Bank Leumi. "Magic Software's technologies, having proven themselves over many years of successful operation in our organization, gave us the confidence to update our legacy Magic systems to the new uniPaaS platform. The migrations were performed with relative ease and have given us the ability to provide new capabilities to our users at a significantly lower cost compared to other migration projects of this size."

According to Yoram Aharon, CEO for Magic Software Israel, "Since the release of uniPaaS nearly a year ago, many Israeli businesses have upgraded their older Magic Software platforms to the latest uniPaaS model. Bank Leumi, an important long-term customer for us, identified early on the advantages that uniPaaS conveys compared to their existing platform version, and how these advantages can be achieved without having to re-write the bank's existing business logic. Along with these advantages, Bank Leumi now has full data protection that's so important to banking and financial institutions of this size."

Yuval Lavi, Co-CEO of Kopel Reem, added: "The use of automatic migration tools allows the customer and the vendor to achieve their application migrations on-budget, on-time and according to the quality demands of their business. The use of an automatic migration tools shortens the delivery process, makes prototyping easier to execute and improves the overall quality of the final application."

The project was undertaken in partnership with Kopel Reem, a Magic Software Partner and is now in the final stages of completion.

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