Arab Bank Jordan implements Derdack message master Enterprise Alert

Source: Derdack

Derdack, provider of mobile messaging platforms and notification workflow software today announced Arab Bank Jordan has implemented Derdack's message master Enterprise Alert notification software in an enterprise-wide deployment to help maintain the availability of its varied services from ATM machines to phone and internet banking.

Arab Bank Jordan has a complex IT infrastructure supporting various servers, networks and hardware, including the ATM machines. The bank uses a number of monitoring systems such as Microsoft Operations Manager alongside custom monitoring solutions for its phone and internet banking operations. However these systems were limited to producing alerts that were sent via email to administrators.

Arab Bank Jordan successfully implemented message master Enterprise Alert in their Jordan operations for managing email to SMS notifications. With a need to expand the services to a number of other countries, an upgrade to the latest version of the Derdack product was a natural step.

Mr Taimour Al-Neimat, Infrastructure Platforms Team, Arab Bank Jordan explained, "We were familiar with message master Enterprise Alert from our implementation in Jordan and we had confidence in the software's notification capabilities. We need SMS functionality to allow us to push mobile alerts to our administrators and when we decided to roll out how we manage notifications to other countries, message master Enterprise Alert was the clear choice. We have now successfully implemented the software into the countries with the largest number of branches: Jordan, UAE, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon and Morocco."

Arab Bank Jordan has integrated message master Enterprise Alert with its different monitoring systems as part of a drive to ensure greater service uptime. If a fault occurs an alert is generated by the relevant monitoring system and emailed to message master® Enterprise Alert. The notification software uses the SMTP source to convert the email to an SMS and this is routed to the appropriate administrator. If the situation persists, another alert is generated and sent via message master Enterprise Alert to a separate administrator to resolve the underlying issue.

Mr Al-Neimat concluded, "The integration of message master Enterprise Alert with our monitoring toolstoring tools, particularly Microsoft Operations Manager, has contributed to a more consistent customer experience as a result of higher systems uptime for essential services. We are more responsive to any faults as alerts are rapidly communicated to the right person leading to a reduction in the mean time to resolution for problems. We also minimise the time from problem identification to problem resolution. I would recommend message master® Enterprise Alert to other companies looking for a notification solution."

Matthes Derdack, Managing Director of Derdack commented, "A key part of any bank offering is ensuring that services are available whenever they are required and message master® Enterprise Alert plays a key role for Arab Bank Jordan in meeting its customer commitments through 24x7 uptime of their banking infrastructure."

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