HVB group deploys Sophis Risque for cross-asset derivatives trading

Source: Sophis

Today, Sophis announced it has recently extended its agreement with HVB group, Germany’s second largest private-sector bank. Under this agreement, the newly-formed, cross-asset focused, Structured Derivatives Division at Corporate&Markets of HVB Group will use RISQUE as its main platform for sales, trading, structuring, risk control and operations in front, middle and back offices. This transformational deal completes the four-year collaboration with the bank’s equity-linked products business, and is one of the cornerstones of HVB cross-asset strategy. RISQUE will be rolled out with hundreds of workstations and will replace several in-house and third party systems in all relevant asset classes.

HVB Group is a key player on the German multi-asset derivatives market, as confirmed by the recent rankings published by Risk Magazine, and came first in several categories, including exotic equity options and risk management advice. Looking back at HVB’s existing business relationship with Sophis, Mr. V. Pappas, Managing Director of the Structured Derivatives Division at Corporate&Markets of HVB Group, is pleased: ‘As a long-standing Sophis client, we are convinced by the vendor’s speed of business innovation and the rapidly growing depth of the system coverage regarding cross-asset trading and structuring capacity as well as the front-to-back integration, which are essential success factors for our fast-evolving, cross-asset structured derivatives business platform.’

‘HVB is developing a trading and risk magement platform on complex derivatives products’, explains Mr. R. Eschbach, CIO for Corporate&Markets of HVB group. ‘We went through a careful vendor evaluation process to figure out which system could best support our ambitious business objectives. We have had a close-working relationship with Sophis in our Equity division, which has grown rapidly with their system. HVB also contributed significantly on the development of exotic Interest Rates derivatives module of Sophis RISQUE. RISQUE stood out as the system which could best meet our needs in terms of product sophistication and vendor commitment.’

‘This is a very significant partnership enhancement between HVB and Sophis, and I am very pleased with this renewed commitment’ adds Hervé VINCIGUERRA, Chairman of Sophis. ‘In the last few years, we have followed the market needs and put great effort into developing a global cross-asset platform, covering both cash securities and derivatives business in foreign exchange, equities, fixed income, credit instruments and commodities. We are delighted that this integrated business concept is well-accepted among our existing and new clients’.

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