Incentage expands into North America

Source: Incentage

Incentage AG announces a major global expansion by establishing Incentage NA LLC.

Incentage North America will offer the complete range of Incentage products, professional services and customer support. The product range now available in North America includes IMS Incentage Middleware Suite, IPC Incentage Process Cockpit, ISB Incentage Service Bus and an extensive library of standard message formats used in the financial industry.

Incentage products are used by more than 150 clients worldwide for a wide range of business, technical and performance solutions. Clients include investment management firms, financial services providers as well as commercial and private banks. At the core of the technologies is the ability to translate and enhance data between internal proprietary message structures and industry standard formats. These include the management of current and future FIX, ISITC, MMI, SWIFT, SEPA and other message protocols.

Key to Incentage's success has been the real-time process control functionality that enables clients to monitor enterprise infrastructure processes, performance and messaging activities, while having the capability to alert and modify individual business messages. Customers are able to quickly respond to changes to their client messaging requirements, industry protocols, internal infrastructure modifications and performance enhancements.

"Over the last few years Incentage has established a solid reputation for innovative products and services. The expansion into this region is in response to demand from global clients for product and support for operations in North America", says Felix Huber, CEO of Incentage AG.

George Tranos, Managing Partner of Incentage NA LLC, is delighted to supply Incentage solutions to clients in North America: "Our customers can benefit from a solid foundation based on state-of-the-art technology, innovative solutions, domain knowledge and experience, as well as certified implementation and support capability. This uniquely powerful combination transforms messsaging infrastructure into a long-term strategic competitive advantage and business success factor."

Incentage NA, with its product flexibility, technical and business domain skills, and significant experience in current and legacy messaging formats and structures, can provide clients solutions with improved functionality and better performance of their infrastructure through business flow and technical architecture optimizations. The use of Incentage products and solutions open new business opportunities for financial institutions, while providing cost and operational risk reductions.

George Tranos added that "the ease of use of the Incentage tools will allow our clients to respond very quickly and pro-actively to new market needs and market practices, including requirements coming from regulators and market infrastructures. We have attracted a very experienced team to understand the client's complex business and technical requirements and to design and deliver state-of-the-art solutions."

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