TextGuard upgrades SMS monitoring system for financial services users

Source: TextGuard

TextGuard, the leading provider of Mobile Device Communication Compliance solutions, today announced TextGuard 4.0 Global for Blackberry and Windows Mobile platforms.

TextGuard 4.0 is a software application for mobile devices that monitors and archives SMS text conversations for FINRA compliant communications.

The TextGuard 4.0 solution ensures that each mobile device secures, manages and coordinates all communications, providing archiving capabilities on a secured server remotely accessible by the compliance administrators. The newest features with this upgrade include GPS tracking, call logging, as well as a lexicon search function, providing alerts to appropriate compliance administrators. Search options include keywords, content, sender, recipient, metadata, sent date and can be customized specifically for the secure and complex needs of the financial industry.

"With the growing demand for a transparent view of business executives' communications, large financial companies should implement call logging, as well as secure SMS message and content monitoring," said Todd Cohan, Founder of TextGuard(TM). "TextGuard(TM) also offers a simple, secure and effective way to keep track of the location of a mobile device for business continuity, as well as the SMS, PIN messaging and call activities so that they can ensure total compliance under SEC regulations."

TextGuard(TM)4.0 is a comprehensive SaaS solution that applies an overall security regimen to each Smartphone registered to the software, as well as control over the Smartphone device itself. TextGuard(TM) provides encryption service for the logs being transmitted from the device to the secured TextGuard(TM) server. Messages use 128bit encryption from the device to the TextGuard Web application.

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