Cosmos Technologies launches data warehouse toolkit for buy-side

Source: Cosmos Technologies

Cosmos Technologies, the product development arm of Indus Valley Partners, today launched Cosmos Polaris, a comprehensive data warehouse toolkit designed to deliver on mission critical middle office functions in a complex multi-Strategy, multi-Counterparty, multi-Asset environment.

Polaris enables the buy-side to manage a host of middle office functions and complex business scenarios on a single, integrated platform. It provides a flexible foundation to fill the gaps in the fund's existing infrastructure by providing a suite of pre-built business applications/reports out-of-the-box.

The overall modular and integrated approach provides buy-side managers with the ability to reduce operational risk, improve controls, and ensure regulatory compliance in a rapidly evolving multi-prime, multi-counterparty landscape. The Polaris toolkit allows users to easily create aggregated time series views of trade, position, P&L, margin and stock loan data.

Cosmos Technologies acquired the battle-tested Polaris platform from a private equity backed hedge fund that managed money across nine unique strategies. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Multiple U.S. and U.K. based hedge funds, with more than $32 billion in combined AUM, have already gone live on Cosmos Polaris.

Cosmos Polaris is available with a source codebase license, and can be tailored to meet the specific business requirements of a typical multi-strategy, multi-counterparty, multi-asset buy-side portfolio. Over 100 standard reports are available out-of-the-box and custom reports can be easily configured.

For middle office functionality, Polaris can be configured to be a "single window of truth" for operations, accounting, compliance, financing, risk and exposure management, legal, market data/SIS, and investor relations. The robust, scalable platform has seamless out-of-the-box connectivity to all major prime brokers, fund administrators, custodians, and counterparties. It also comes with pre-configured data migration and integration scripts for all common systems (e.g. OMS, EMS, Position-Keeping, Risk, Security Master, Portfolio Accounting, etc.) for rapid, streamlined implementation. Polaris addresses a host of utility business scenarios, including, but not limited to post-trade regulatory compliance. It also serves to manage a fund's books and records, legal contracts with multiple vendors/counterparties, and risk and exposure across a variety of factors. It keeps a fund's systems in sync by sharing consistent security information across all internal/external systems, tracks subscriptions/redemptions and produces investor reports 'on schedule' or 'on demand'.

Said Gurvinder Singh, IVP CEO: "Polaris hedge fund datawarehouse toolkit enables today's managers to comprehensively fill gaps in their systems infrastructure as per their specific needs, while saving money. It is like paying for a custom, hand-tailored suit as per the fund's needs at an off-the-rack price. We are able to create a single, centralized platform for funds - one that preserves the flexibility that front office alpha generators demand in using applications of their choice, while generating sustainable efficiencies that a cohesive middle and back office can generate to reduce costs and manage risk. Using Polaris, firms can now automate end-to-end middle office functions around performance attribution, consolidate margin, optimize stock loan book, automate eod pricing, ensure comprehensive post-trade compliance, streamline investor reporting and maintain centralized reference data for the whole fund. The robust delivery of data continues to build on the Cosmos suite of modular and anticipatory solutions to hedge funds' operating and administrative concerns."

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