Collis ships card personalisation validation software

Source: Collis

Collis is proud to announce the release of a new portfolio of Personalisation Validation software catering specifically for the Production Environment.

Collis - a global market leader in the design and testing of smart card based electronic transaction systems - announces the release of a new solution to combat the challenges faced by the card production industry.

Acting as a foundation, the original market-leading Collis EMV PVT has been developed in new directions. The aim of this innovation is to give production facilities the same trust and quality that has been enjoyed by card developers for the last decade. This new solution is based on Collis' extensive global consulting experience; listening to the challenges that customers are facing and the obstacles that they need to bypass.

The Collis Personalisation Validation for Production Tool can be split up into different modules, depending on the specific production environment. These modules include:
• Input File Testing where the EMV card data is tested before it has been personalised onto a physical card.
• EMV PVT Production (Client-server) where the software runs on a dedicated PC and clients are connected to the server over a TCP/IP network. This allows performing tests from multiple workstations.
• EMV PVT Inline version is integrated in the card personalisation infrastructure. This can be used when a customer wishes to test a large number - or even all - of the smart cards coming from a personalisation machine. The PVT Inline software can also be used in Instant Issuing environments.

Berend van Geffen, Vice President Products Division comments: "One of the biggest challenges that smart card issuers are faced with is faulty card production. Imagine receiving the green light for production of your smart card only to be confronted later with unexpected costs associated with flaws in the actual card production process? Collis meet these challenges head-on by offering the Collis Personalisation Validation for Production Tool. It is available in a variety of modules enabling it to be integrated smoothly into all production facilities. It has all the potential to bring a new level of confidence into every card roll-out."

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