Banco Banrisul deploys cheque imaging technology with A2iA and Bull

Source: A2iA

A2iA, (Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis) the world-leader of handwritten and machine printed recognition, information extraction and document classification, and Bull, a premier European-based global IT supplier, announce the successful integration of the first-ever electronic check truncation solution (Check 21) at Banco Banrisul.

The implemented solution uses A2iA CheckReader'sTM recognition technology to exceed the requirements of the new imaging standard established by Febraban (Federação Brasileira de Bancos). The truncation guidelines which are planned to come in effect in early 2010, monitor the practice of digitizing and truncating check images to recognize them as valid replacements to physical checks.

This new truncation standard will change the way in which Brazilian checks are currently processed. The physical check will be scanned and replaced by a digital format. There will be no need for physical exchange of checks, resulting in a number of benefits for banks and financial institutions, primarily the reduction in transportation costs, decreased fraud, minimized manual data entry and the acceleration of fund availability. The A2iA / Bull solution integrated at Banco Banrisul is currently the model solution within the Brazilian check processing market.

The new solution implemented by Bull and A2iA fully automates the bank's check processing methods. A2iA CheckReaderTM automatically recognizes all the compulsory fields from the check image and goes beyond the requirements set by the truncation regulation including the recognition of: date, line 1, CAR & LAR, CMC7 and signature detection. A2iA CheckReaderTM also incorporates its proprietary technology to respond to the Image Quality Assurance requirements of the truncation regulation. These features include: deskew, border removal, and detecting if the image is too light or too dark.

"With nearly a decade of experience in global electronic check truncation, we are confident that we will bring the same level of performance and success to this collaboration with Bull for Banco Banrisul as we have in other countries," stated Jean-Louis Fages , CEO of A2iA S.A..

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