Mint updates Yahoo! app

Source: Mint, the nation's leading online personal finance service, today released Budget by, an updated version of its application for the new Yahoo! homepage.

The Mint team has updated its Yahoo! app to focus on the things that people use most on budgets, spending and alerts, and designed it to work on Yahoo! users' homepages. Budget by Mint appears along with other essential applications and information, ranging from Facebook to Weather or content from the Wall Street Journal.

"At, we want to help as many people as possible save and do more with their money, and having our Budget app on the new Yahoo! homepage allows us to reach more than 100 million people in the U.S.," said Aaron Patzer, CEO and founder of "The openness of the Yahoo! platform gave us the opportunity to build a version of our product that helps ensure that everyone has access to a clear picture of their financial standing, in whatever way is most convenient."

The new Yahoo! homepage brings together the most useful information and functionality from across the Web, giving people one place to preview and access everything that matters to them most. In the case of Budget by, the app shows exactly what users want: budgets, spending and alerts --all in at-a-glance charts using's award-winning graphics.

The application does not display actual balances or charges, so the convenience of having important information on the Yahoo! homepage adds no worry that a colleague or coffee shop neighbor might see any personal financial information over a user's shoulder. However, these details are just a click away, because app users can quickly access actual balances, and much more, at the fully-featured website.'s Budget app for the Yahoo! homepage keeps pace with's regular cadence of innovation and product releases, all executed to help the more than 1.5 million people who use the product to improve their finances. It comes on the heels of an updated iPhone application, released last week.

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