Shenzhen Stock Exchange investor text message service live

Source: Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Presently, the SZSE Investor Text Message Service Platform was officially put into use, and the SZSE comprehensive connection platform for investors has been preliminarily built up, covering many a channel such as telephones, mails, letters, text messages, online interaction, investor opening day, investor investigation and so forth.

The text message communication function has been added to the platform based on the hotline service originally operated by the SZSE. Users of China Mobile, China Unicom, M-Zone may text to 075582083000 if they want to consult or report information, and the SZSE will make prompt reply via the text message system.

The SZSE has attached the high importance to investor service and the response to investor calling for a long time, strengthened the communication and interaction with investors, intensified the extended service. Back to 1999, the SZSE set up the hotline service for investors, exploiting its role as "window" and "bridge" to understand and serve investors. Since the upgrading of service hotlines in 2008, it has handled 17319 telephones, 2319 mails, 79 letters, totaling 19717. Since 2008, the SZSE has updated 1016 questions, exceeding 120,000 words, and it also has opened some columns including "SZSE Investor Service Hotline" and "ChiNext Investor Service Hotline". At the same year, the SZSE finished the development of "Investors Online Communication Platform" and initiated the online real time communication with investors. In addition, the SZSE launched the investor annual investigation activity this year.

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