Harland targets credit unions with new services

Source: Harland Financial Solutions

Responding to client demand, Harland Financial Solutions today announced the launch of two new service offerings: Enterprise Resource Services, a service that takes over the day-to-day IT management of credit union core system maintenance and operations, and Enterprise Optimization Services, a service that delves deep into credit union processes, software usage and knowledge gaps to identify areas in need of change.

Enterprise Resource Services provide in-house UltraData® Enterprise core processing clients the option to outsource the around-the-clock support and management of their credit unions' IT, operations and business continuity functions. Experienced staff at Harland Financial Solutions performs daily, monthly and periodic tasks, such as system monitoring, software upgrades, capacity planning, database backups, user maintenance, and daily and nightly processing on the credit union's behalf. Enterprise Resource Services also help ensure credit unions maintain 24/7 business continuity by processing critical functions during urgent situations and providing additional redundancy to credit union resources and skill sets.

"Enterprise Resource Services greatly simplify the regular maintenance tasks we perform, freeing our staff to focus on more important projects that truly can benefit our members," said Keith Malbrue, chief operating officer of Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union in St. Paul, Minn. "The service also provides around-the-clock coverage, translating to improved business continuity. We look forward to redirecting our credit union's valuable IT resources, who currently perform so many of these timely functions, to more important initiatives that have been on the back burner for some time."

Enterprise Optimization Services provide expert, on-site analysis of credit union processes, workflow and software utilization by Harland Financial Solutions staff who then delivers a clear-cut set of recommendations and a plan of action designed to improve overall performance. The Harland Financial Solutions team can assist the credit union with implementing the suggested changes and provide ongoing reports, evaluations and reassessments to ensure it continues to function at optimal levels.

"In utilizing Enterprise Optimization Services, we were able to have the Harland Financial Solutions team on-site here at Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union (LAPFCU) in order to analyze our current processes and system usage," said Michele Megill, vice president of operations and communications at LAPFCU. "This has helped us identify areas where we can improve our performance and streamline current procedures so that staff will not only have better knowledge and productivity, but will also be able to serve our members even better."

"Many of our clients either do not have the time or the resources to devote to some of these important objectives that are critical to helping them run efficiently," said David McConney, executive vice president and general manager of the Credit Union Core Systems Group of Harland Financial Solutions. "We listened to our clients and responded to their needs by providing two very different services that ultimately will help them improve performance and drive efficiencies and cost savings right to the bottom line."

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