Glowpoint wins managed video services deal

Source: Glowpoint

Glowpoint (OTCBB: GLOW), a leading provider of advanced video communications solutions, today announced that a widely recognized global financial institution has selected Glowpoint to provide its managed video services.

The firm is registering to Glowpoint's Telepresence interExchange Network (known as "TEN") and will receive high-quality, QOS video connectivity and secure B2B calling capabilities. Glowpoint is managing multiple domestic sites for the firm, who also expects to add a host of international locations to the managed service in the coming months.

As part of the service, the firm will have direct access to Glowpoint's hosted infrastructure for multi-point managed and on-demand bridging services in order for multiple parties to simultaneously attend a video meeting. This will enable the firm to host collaborative internal meetings, as well as participate in video calls with other financial institutions. Glowpoint President and co-CEO Joe Laezza said, "We understand the need for the financial sector to streamline operating costs to remain competitive in today's economy. Supporting this client's goals using our "in the cloud" video service provides a unique business-to-business video communications advantage and will help them enjoy a level of service that they could not achieve on their own."

More than 11% of Glowpoint's current business is attributable to financial and banking customers. Glowpoint anticipates further growth in these sectors due to a growing need for fiscal reform and reduced operating costs, including lower travel costs, from businesses in the sector. For banking and financial services firms looking to use video to communicate with customers, partners, and other key associates who are also increasingly implementing video communications capabilities, TEN and its associated services provides a "video as a service" solution that is simple, secure, and cost effective.

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