NetDeposit ships NetCapture Consumer

Source: NetDeposit

NetDeposit, a leading provider of distributed payment solutions, today announced the availability of NetCapture Consumer, the first Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) product designed specifically for large-scale deployment and use by consumers.

NetCapture Consumer is a Web-based RDC solution ideal for retailing banking customers who typically only have a few checks to deposit at a time. Checks can be scanned on any TWAIN-compatible scanner and deposited directly into a customer's account. As a Web-based client, NetCapture Consumer is easy for financial institutions to deploy, manage, update and administer.

"There has been tremendous industry buzz about the benefits of offering consumer RDC as a core deposit growth and customer retention initiative. High net-worth customer segments have been identified as key targets for this service. However, until now barriers have existed that prevent wide-scale deployment by financial institutions including concerns about the technology complexity for the casual user, the high price of check scanners, and the scalability to support a large consumer deployment," said Chris Styga, EVP and general manager of NetDeposit's Financial Services Solutions Group. "NetCapture Consumer overcomes all those obstacles, and more, by design. Consumers can now truly have a complete Internet banking experience. They can make their deposits at home, using their existing scanning device, over a secure Internet connection. In four simple steps, all their checks are deposited, eliminating a trip to the bank."

Designed to be highly intuitive and simple to use, the NetCapture Consumer interface walks users through an easy step-by-step process to complete their deposit, whether for one check or multiple checks in one deposit. Utilizing advanced technology, check amounts and deposit totals are captured and calculated as the checks are scanned; the user then validates the amounts and completes the deposit. As with NetDeposit's commercial RDC solutions, financial institutions' back office operations have the ability to review deposits that fail their established scrutiny rules.

NetCapture Consumer removes one of the largest inhibitors for large-scale consumer deployment: the need for consumers to purchase a check scanner. NetCapture Consumer enables consumers to use their existing TWAIN-compatible scanner or multi-function printer/scanner/fax device to image their checks for deposit.

With numerous patents on RDC technologies and processes, NetDeposit has developed the expertise and reputation as an industry leader for check electronification and remote deposit capture. NetDeposit processes in excess of 140 million transactions a month for its financial institution customers.

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