Chi-X Canada connects data feed to Bloomberg Professional

Source: Chi-X Canada

Chi-X Canada ATS Limited today announced that its direct market data feed ("CHIXMD") is now connected to the Bloomberg Professional service.

The feed enables streaming of real-time quote and trade data for Bloomberg users.

Chi-X Canada has become one of the largest alternative pools of tradable, blue chip liquidity in Canada. With the Chi-X Canada direct market data feed, Bloomberg users can reduce trade latency and mitigate the risk of having a single source of Canadian market data.

"As one of the world's premier financial data providers, Bloomberg is a key supplier of Chi-X Canada market data for many of our subscribers. With the Chi-X Canada data feed now integrated directly with Bloomberg's data, news and analytic tools on the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL service, many of our clients will see improved performance during periods of peak market activity," said Beth Haines, manager of client relations for Chi-X Canada.

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