Ubitrade releases RiskUbix margin risk management module

Source: Ubitrade

Ubitrade, GL TRADE Group, a leading supplier of advanced system solutions for the finance industry, today announces the release of RiskUbix, a new margin risk management module.

RiskUbix measures the intra-day risk, in real time, giving an accurate picture of the exposure risk at any moment.

With RiskUbix, each trader has the possibility to measure its risk exposure in real time. The module can also meet trading companies' requirements, by monitoring locals' intra-day risks. It also could be of interest to fund managers to measure their clients' risk.

RiskUbix is integrated into Ubix and uses the system's margin engines. The risk indicators are based on the results calculated in Ubix. The main benefit for the user is perfect system integration, allowing straight through processing and real-time risk management.

The user receives an alert when preset thresholds are reached, either displayed on the user's screen, or via SMS or message sent by e-mail or fax. The user can define several alert thresholds.

Laurent Jacquemin, Manager of Ubix EMEA, Ubitrade, comments: "We have developed the new service to meet with strong market demand: clients are looking for a more effective control of the risk exposure of their own clients. Moreover, due to an increase in traded volumes, an effective margin risk management tool is essential. Many risk management tools are available today but which do not take into account the risks linked to the back-office activity. Very few of them consider the specificities of derivatives (RBM and SPAN algorithms are not included). RiskUbix is the best offer available on the market today."

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