SmartStream announces TLM Reconciliations-Premium

Source: SmartStream

SmartStream's TLM Reconciliations-Premium delivers a more proactive and cost-effective operations.

New matching engine enables cross-enterprise utility scalability Pre-configured best practice models create faster ROI Integrated exception management increases transaction visibility and lowers risk SmartStream Technologies, the financial Transaction Lifecycle Management specialist, today announced TLM Reconciliations-Premium, a new system offering pre-configured best practice reconciliation models and enhanced processing scalability.


Firms are looking to reduce their risk and transaction costs, and ensure technology projects deliver a rapid Return on Investment (ROI). In response, TLM Reconciliations-Premium offers pre-configured best practice reconciliation models developed by SmartStream through the successful delivery of projects at leading banks, assets managers, hedge funds and custodians.


TLM Reconciliations-Premium delivers scalable transaction processing through its industry-leading matching engine, with the flexibility to quickly optimise the solution to meet each individual client’s specific transaction processing needs. This increases automated match rates, keeping manual intervention to a minimum while offering and accelerated implementation that ensures a faster ROI.


To further remove risk from operations, TLM Reconciliations-Premium also provides integrated and pre-configured exception management, offering proven functionality around escalation, alerting and exceptions processing. It creates a clear separation between the root cause of an exception, its resolution and the various transactions it affects. As a result, this increases transaction visibility, enabling a single exception resolution to fix multiple breaks to significantly reduce the overall processing cost.


Neil Vernon, senior product manager at SmartStream Technologies, commented: “TLM Reconciliations-Premium builds on our success with leading firms globally, where we have enabled them to drive down their transaction costs and reduce TCO. TLM, theM, the best in class reconciliation system, is extended still further to meet firms’ evolving business, market, regulatory and customer service needs in a utility ready model with advanced matching and exception management capabilities. As traded instruments become ever more complex, TLM Reconciliations-Premium delivers the flexibility required to react to clients processing requirements.”


Philippe Chambadal, CEO of SmartStream Teeam Technologies, added: “This announcement highlights once again how SmartStream is continuing to invest in its solutions and deliver further enhancements to the market. At a time when market conditions remain challenging, TLM Reconciliations-Premium can drive down the cost of processing transactions across multiple instrument and reconciliation types to deliver a significant return on investment.”


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