Aleri adds Richard Pattinson to advisory board

Source: Aleri

Aleri, the complex event processing (CEP) provider, has added former Barclays man Richard Pattinson to its advisory board.

In addition to his role as a senior directory for Barclays treasury services, Pattinson has also served on a number of central bank committees and working groups over the years including the Bank of England, the New York Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan, where he primarily worked on liquidity management and payment system liquidity management issues. He also served on a number of financial infrastructure company boards during his career, including CLS Group Holdings (Switzerland), CLS Bank International (USA), European Banking Association (France), Voca Ltd (UK) and The CHAPS Company Limited (UK). "Richard Pattinson's liquidity management experience makes him a great addition to our Advisory Board," added Don DeLoach, CEO & president of Aleri. "We look forward to leveraging his deep expertise and knowledge." "Regulators in the UK, Europe, the USA and other countries, are in the process of introducing more demanding liquidity risk regulations that will require banks to manage their liquidity and provide much more granular information, increasingly in real-time, rather than historic after the event reports," said Pattinson. "Aleri's CEP-based solutions are ideally suited to meeting these challenges."

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