Hanco continues roll out of free-to-use cash machines

Source: Hanco

Hanco, the UK's largest provider of internal cash machines, announced it has reached a milestone by installing its 340th cash machine since the launch of a Free to Use proposition in October 2008.

This brings the total number of free to use cash machines provided by Hanco to around 1,500. The Free to Use proposition extends its offer to independent and franchise businesses in addition to corporate partnerships to offer extended free access to cash services whilst supporting business functions including cash management efficiencies and increased customer services.

The milestone cash machine was installed at Nisa Extra convenience store on Vicarage Road, West Bromwich. The 3,000 sq ft store is one of over 300 symbol group convenience stores that have now signed up to Hanco's Free to Use cash machine programme.

Jenny Campbell, Head of Hanco, said the company plans to build on this landmark installation.

"Hanco have seen a positive UK reception in the retail and services market for our new Free to Use proposition which has really taken off successfully this year" Jenny said. "Growth has been particularly pronounced in retail outlets such as symbol group operators in convenience stores and the education sector through the national network of student unions."

"Indications are that the growing popularity for free to use cash machines are set to continue, especially with our merchants receiving the latest RBS or NatWest bank branded ATMs to secure consumer confidence in using convenient standalone cash machines which are free to use, reliable and secure. We believe our excellent products, customer service levels, personal account management and dedication will ensure our continued success," Jenny said.

Hanco is recognised as the market leader in merchant-fill cash machines in the UK currently supporting more than 7,000 cash machines, offering high quality cash management services to merchants and providing card users convenient access to cash.

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A Finextra member
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An interesting spin. I wondered how long it would take Hanco (a business owned by Royal Bank of Scotland) to change its business model. It was only a matter of time before the potential PR disaster of charging RBS customers for using RBS machines (branded Hanco) prompted this change. It just goes to prove that for a bank it is difficult to "have your cake and eat it" - eventually you will get caught out.