GreenBank taps ExaGrid for data backup and disaster recovery

Source: ExaGrid Systems

ExaGrid Systems, the leader in cost-effective and scalable disk-based backup solutions with data deduplication, today announced that GreenBank, a Tennessee chartered commercial bank with principal executive offices in Greeneville, Tennessee and more than 60 branch locations, has chosen the ExaGrid system to help satisfy the data backup and disaster recovery demands of its rapidly growing business.

After acquiring several other banks, GreenBank's IT operation had grown significantly, and new information and equipment were merged into its primary data center in Greeneville. GreenBank installed ExaGrid's disk-based backup system to handle the increased data and solve the resulting issue of slow and unreliable tape-based backups. ExaGrid's cost-effective scalability and ability to significantly reduce data and backup windows made it an ideal choice.

"The ExaGrid system fit easily into our environment and it enabled us to significantly reduce our reliance on tape," said Jason O'Dell, IT manager for GreenBank. "Because of our rapid data growth, we needed a product that incorporated data deduplication technology to reduce the amount of data stored and ExaGrid has been extremely effective. We're currently seeing data deduplication ratios of more than 16:1 and growing, and have cut our backup times in half -- all while cost-effectively retaining nearly three months of data on the system."

With the addition of a second ExaGrid disk backup system to efficiently replicate data to its disaster recovery site, GreenBank saves thousand of dollars per year on tape costs alone. "Adding a second ExaGrid system for data replication significantly improved our ability to recover from a disaster and enables us to restore services as quickly as possible," said O'Dell. "It also helps us save money in tape and transportation costs and saves our staff countless hours in reduced tape management and administration tasks."

ExaGrid combines last backup compression along with data deduplication, which only stores changes from backup to backup instead of storing full file copies. This unique approach reduces the disk space required by a range of 10:1 to 50:1 or more, delivering unparalleled cost savings and performance. ExaGrid delivers extremely fast backup performance because data is written directly to disk, and data deduplication is performed post-process after the data is stored.

"We are thrilled to serve a growing company like GreenBank and help their IT operations benefit from the fastest, most scalable disk backup for mid-market and small enterprise customers." said Bill Andrews, president and CEO of ExaGrid Systems. "Our product's ability to cost-effectively scale to meet the needs of expanding data and backup requirements means that as GreenBank continues to grow, the ExaGrid system will keep providing short backup windows and superior data retention."

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