VTB Bank taps MSIT for Swift exceptions and investigations

Source: Management Solutions Information Technology

VTB Bank (Germany) AG is the first European bank benefiting from the Swift initiative. Within a few months VTB Bank (Germany) AG goes live with Swift E&I this August 2009.

VTB Bank (Germany) AG implemented the state-of-the-art payments investigations solution MSIT-EXIN.

VTB Bank (Germany) AG decided for MSIT-EXIN, a SWIFT Ready Application Exceptions and Investigations labelled solution from Management Solutions Information Technology GmbH (MSIT) located in Austria. In addition to the certificate, the user-friendliness was another major criterion to use MSIT-EXIN. The flexible integration to the existing system as an add-on solution was crucial for VTB Bank (Germany) AG's decision to go for MSIT-EXIN.

Thanks to the successful implementation of MSIT-EXIN, VTB benefits from additional standardisation and breaks new ground in investigations processing.

"Our major challenges were to integrate the SWIFT E&I functionalities into the existing system and optimise our investigation process. We decided on MSIT, a SWIFT Ready Solution Provider and expert in Exceptions and Investigations. MSIT-EXIN is the innovative and flexible solution for our existing system as well as for further acceleration of the enquiry process. Thanks to an excellent cooperation with MSIT, the project was completed in a short and effective way. We are proud to be the first European bank and the third bank worldwide which realised the integration of E&.I" Marc Baldering/Irene Simon VTB Bank (Germany) AG.

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