Vasco upgrades aXsGuard Identifier

Source: Vasco Data Security

Vasco Data Security (Nasdaq: VDSI), a leading software security company specializing in authentication products today announced a new version of aXsGuard Identifier.

aXsGUARD Identifier is a stand-alone authentication appliance for small, medium and large enterprises wanting to improve the secure access to corporate networks and applications for remote users or home workers.

With the release of aXsGUARD Identifier, VASCO has been focusing on reducing the administrative tasks and costs for IT-departments. aXsGUARD Identifier now offers LDAP synchronization allowing the aXsGUARD Identifier user database to be synchronized with multiple LDAP directories, including Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory and any other LDAP directory. LDAP synchronization not only decreases the number administrative tasks, it also enhances security, considering user data are maintained in a single location.

aXsGUARD Identifier uses VASCO's IDENTIKEY server technology. As a result aXsGUARD Identifier can benefit from the self registration tool incorporated in IDENTIKEY. Remote users can self register and activate their DIGIPASS, as a result the administrative task of the IT department will be further diminished. Remote users will use their DIGIPASS to generate a dynamic One-Time Password (OTP) to authenticate and prove their identity.

aXsGUARD Identifier is available through VASCO's extensive distributor and reseller network. The new version offers a new registration procedure leveraging the channel. Resellers can choose between a demo installation and a commercial installation. The demo installation allows resellers to have customers test the appliance in a life environment. Once the demo installation expires, customers simply quickly migrate to the commercial installation without having to swap the appliance. Furthermore, resellers can remotely prepare the installation of the appliance to be installed at the customer's premises. The IP address of the location where the aXsGUARD Identifier will be installed can be entered beforehand. aXsGUARD Identifier supports multiple domains, as a result resellers can offer authenntication as a service to multiple customers using a single appliance.

Two new hardware models have been added to the aXsGUARD Identifier product line. The AG 3442 is suited for small enterprises (5 to 250 users) looking to more securely authenticate their remote users and the AG 7552 is suited for enterprises with up to 100.000 users or can be used for extensive reporting, with redundancy options. The AG 7552 has 2 1TB hot swappable hard disks in RAID 1 and hot swappable redundant power supply. The existing hardware models include AG 3512 (to 1000 user) and AG 5522 (to 10.000 users) and are adapted for use in mid-size and larger enterprises.

"Enterprises sometimes prefer not to share servers for too many crucial applications and therefore they opt for a separate appliance. With aXsGUARD Identifier VASCO is addressing this demand and offers authentication on a standardized 19 rack, which can easily be integrated into an existing IT-infrastructure. With the new version, we have reduced the administrative tasks and costs associated with the installations for IT departments," says Jan Valcke, President and COO at VASCO Data Security.

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