ARX upgrades CoSign for SharePoint module

Source: ARX

ARX, a leading provider of digital signature solutions (standard electronic signatures), announced today the release of the second generation of the CoSign for SharePoint module.

The product is an advanced functionality plug-in that has been developed with WSS3.0 SDK. It is seamlessly integrated with both Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), enabling out-of-the-box deployments.

The CoSign Central digital signature platform integrates with SharePoint seamlessly and enhances SharePoint's capabilities by enabling it to provide compliant signature-based approvals within workflows (which SharePoint calls "Collect Signatures" workflow). CoSign Central provides digital certificates (digital IDs) for end-users through a centralized network-attached appliance, including centralized control over authorized signers (through Microsoft Active Directory® or other directory services). When implemented with SharePoint, CoSign Central features appear as a natural part of the familiar SharePoint and Microsoft Office interface.

CoSign is the most widely-deployed SharePoint-integrated digital signature solution on the market, with dozens of SharePoint integrated installations and 10s of thousands of users so far. Ensuring compliance with rigorous standards of the most tightly regulated industries and geographies, CoSign enables organizations to take full advantage of their investment in Microsoft SharePoint 2007, eliminating the need to reintroduce paper for signature based approvals.

The newly released CoSign digital signature for SharePoint module provides all the benefits of the CoSign Central infrastructure (i.e., workflow integration, signer control, enhanced security, and external trust) within the SharePoint environment. In addition, CoSign for SharePoint enables users to digitally sign PDF documents hosted on SharePoint Document Libraries and SharePoint List items centrally located on the SharePoint server via the SharePoint web-based user interface, without requiring the user to check the documents out to a local PC. View a Flash demo to see how CoSign for SharePoint enables digital signature-based approval workflows within SharePoint.

"Being pioneers in integrating a compliant digital signature solution into SharePoint has provided us with insights into the need for digitally signing PDF's, lists and libraries from within the SharePoint environment," said Gadi Aharoni, CEO of ARX. "We're proud to be the first in the market to extend SharePoint's capabilities with these useful features."

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