Transaction Network Services targets Canadian ATM market

Source: Transaction Network Services

Transaction Network Services (NYSE:TNS) is significantly increasing its focus on the Canadian ATM marketplace by leveraging the capabilities it assumed from Calypso Canada's global ATM processing business earlier this year, and becoming a member of the Interac Association through its newly formed entity Transaction Network Services Canada, Inc. (TNS Canada).

Not to be confused with TNS Smart Network, a subsidiary of NRT Technology Corp., Transaction Network Services (TNS) is a leading global provider of data communications and interoperability solutions to customers in 28 countries across North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

Doug Epp, Senior Director of Sales for TNS Canada, said: "The union of Transaction Network Services and Calypso Canada brings together two unique sets of skills which provide a high level of strategic fit for both our business and our customers.

"TNS' enviable network communications and service management expertise, combined with Calypso Canada's extensive ATM driving and processing experience creates an unrivalled offering to ATM owners, operators and deployers in Canada.

"We're delighted that our membership application to the Interac Association as our new entity, TNS Canada, has been successful. This marks the latest in a series of investments made by TNS as we focus our targeting of the Canadian market and demonstrate our commitment to this.

"The Interac Association certification process for our EMV CHIP platform is now complete and we already have our first device certified for use. With the roll out of EMV and CHIP-certified technology being driven by the Interac Association, TNS Canada is ideally placed to help Canadian firms capitalize on this throughout 2009 and beyond."

Prior to acquiring certain elements of the Calypso Canada business, TNS worked closely with Calypso on several occasions, leading to a broad understanding of the Calypso business and its capabilities. In 2002 the companies partnered to launch a Triton ATM processing solution in the UK, and in 2008 they launched TNS' Australian ATM driving business.

TNS Canada is now part of an organization providing ATM processing, monitoring, management and settlement, as well as helpdesk services, to over 115,000 ATMs in select markets around the world.

Mr Epp, continued: "Our experience of delivering secure ATM solutions on a global scale means TNS' offering to the Canadian ATM market is without comparison. We are dedicated to cementing our position as one of the leading providers of secure, reliable services to ATM organizations across North America. In addition to EMV experience gained in Europe, Calypso Canada has also held PCI-DSS certification for its processing platform since 2007."

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