Banca Transilvania signs for BPC SmartVista

Source: BPC

BPC, a recognised provider of e-payment and retail banking solutions, has embarked on a project for SmartVista implementation to modernise the processing center of Banca Transilvania, one of the largest private banks in Romania, which holds a leading position in most of European banking ratings.

The BPC solution, selected in the course of an international tender, will be used to replace the existing TP-Gold and TP-CMS solutions provided by IFS (TNS). SmartVista will allow the bank to expand the functionality of its processing centre, substantially raise the quality of the processing services, and ensure their availability in a 24x7 mode.

Banca Transilvania is a dynamic universal bank providing the whole spectrum of retail and corporate banking services. As of 2H 2009 the bank has issued over 1.5M cards including EMV cards and supports an extended network of over 12,000 POS-terminals and 800 ATMs. Having faced the problem of the removal of support for the existing processing solution and some lack of functionality, the bank embarked on a migration project. To replace the existing system the bank chose a modern fully functional processing solution SmartVista. This is a coherent decision for a financial organisation striving to retain its leading position in the card market.

Within the project, BPC will implement a fully functional processing solution based on the leading SmartVista products: high performance SmartVista Front-End system, SmartVista Back-Office for card and merchant management and SmartVista CardGen for magnetic stripe and EMV cards personalisation. After SmartVista integration into the existing IT infrastructure BPC will migrate the bank's card business to the new processing platform with a complete removal of TP-Gold and TP-CMS services. The implemented solution will provide quality support for the whole range of card products and services including credit card products and EMV cards, interaction with Internet banking, mobile banking and risk-management solutions as well as effective tools for terminal management.

"Banca Transilvania is constantly working on the development of its service quality to retain its leading positions in the retail financial market. That is why the bank contributes much into the development of its IT infrastructure. The existing TP-Gold and TP-CMS solutions cannot provide a reliable platform for the future business development anymore due to the removal of technical support and a lack of future functionality. Understanding this, the bank has launched a project for its processing centre modernisation with the use of the modern fully functional SmartVista solution, capable of fully covering all the requirements of our dynamically developing business", said Robert C. Rekkers, CEO, Banca Transilvania.

"SmartVista implementation in Banca Transilvania is BPC's first project in the European Union, whose successful realisation will allow our company to strengthen its positions in this conservative, yet at the same time attractive market from the point of view of card products and services development. SmartVista solutions offer all the necessary technological tools to support the functional requirements and security standards of this highly demanding market and provide a perfect alternative to the solutions of the previous generations, typical in the EU. We are confident that the implementation of SmartVista will be only a start of a long lasting collaboration between BPC and Banca Transilvania in the area of cards and e-payments", underlined Nigel Cox, General Manager, BPC Europe.

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