Barnes meets Visa global chip card personalisation validation requirements

Source: Barnes International

Following the launch of the new Visa Global Chip Card Personalization Validation Requirements, Barnes International (Barnes) is pleased to announce that its new GCCPVR test module and validation scripts have been confirmed by Visa International Services Association.

Barnes' new GCCPVR module complements the existing tests for Visa specifications incorporated within its CAT3000v3 and CPT3000v3 Card Personalisation Validation Tools, to provide rigorous and comprehensive card validation compliant to Visa's Global Chip Card Personalization Validation Requirements Version 1.1.

The GCCPVR module enhancement is the latest improvement and addition to the CPT3000v3 and is part of an ongoing development program for the CPT3000v3 and CAT3000v3. Incorporating many useful features and enhancements suggested by its worldwide customer base, the CPT3000v3 and the CAT3000v3 are the best selling Card Personalisation Validation Tools employed by banks, card manufacturers, personalisation bureaux and test labs worldwide. The GCCPVR module is now available to existing and new users of the CPT3000v3 and CAT3000v3 test tools to allow them to pre-validate cards prior to issuance.

Brian Summerhayes, Managing Director of Barnes International, said: "We are extremely pleased to announce the confirmation of our GCCPVR test module and to be able to offer this enhancement to our customers. We have been working with Visa for many years and the development of this module is a major step forward in standardizing testing on a global basis. We shall continue to work closely with Visa and the other payment schemes to continue the process of improving card testing for issuers and manufacturers."

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