Hanco ships wireless ATMs

Source: Hanco

Hanco, the UK's largest supplier of internal cash machines have introduced wireless connectivity to enable cash machine processing at high speed, designed to support the launch of the company's Free to Use proposition.

Jenny Campbell, Head of Hanco, says the move to introduce TCP/IP connectivity over wireless technology provides a wide range of benefits to both our customers and card users.

"We're particularly excited on the technology as it delivers dynamic transaction processing speeds compared to traditional dial-up machines. Where wireless signal strength is low in some parts of the UK, we can maintain the high speed processing feature of our new cash machines by enabling TCP/IP over ADSL connections. Hanco's introduction to a new generation of cash machines can be installed without a dedicated telephone line making our processes quicker, maintenance made simpler and that all add up to increased customer service and a superior customer experience through our cash machines," Jenny said.

More than 170 cash machines now have wireless connectivity and more machines are being introduced.

Hanco is recognised as the market leader in merchant-fill cash machines in the UK currently supporting more than 7,000 cash machines, offering high quality cash management services to merchants and providing card users convenient access to cash.

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