OpenTable taps Braintree for PCI compliance

Source: Braintree Payment Solutions

Braintree Payment Solutions, a provider of payment processing and credit card data storage solutions for PCI DSS Compliance, is pleased to announce that they have been selected by OpenTable, a provider of free, real-time online restaurant reservations for diners and reservation and guest management solutions for restaurants, as the PCI Compliance solutions partner for the new version of its Electronic Reservation Book software.

Braintree's solution ensures that the new OpenTable software now supports the set of security standards recently created by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) to assure credit card information is protected.

For restaurants that take credit card numbers to secure reservations, the Standard requires that this information be stored in a PCI Compliant environment. Braintree's solution allows the OpenTable system to remotely store credit card data by replacing the sensitive information with unique tokens. Tokens can be used in the same way as credit cards but are useless to unauthorized users. OpenTable and their 11,000 global partner restaurants will benefit from the increased security of never actually processing or storing credit card data in their environment. Braintree's transparent solutions leave the user experience relatively unchanged for both OpenTable diners and restaurant partners.

"Data security has always been a top priority at OpenTable," says Charlie McCullough, senior vice president of engineering at OpenTable. "We're very pleased to be working with Braintree and selected them because of their innovative solutions, focus on security, and flexibility. We think our diners and restaurant partners will greatly benefit from the increased security around this sensitive data."

OpenTable is able to reduce the time to market for its electronic reservation book to comply with the industry required credit card data security standard, PCI DSS Compliance.

"As a number of recent breaches have demonstrated, compliance efforts alone do not necessarily equal security," says Bryan Johnson, CEO of Braintree. "Merchants and service providers are spending a sizable amount of time and money to both achieve and maintain PCI Compliance. Braintree is leading the way to simplify PCI Compliance, reduce complexity, and increase credit card data security."

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