Buttonwood selects RTS for algo trading

Source: Realtime Systems Group

Realtime Systems Group, a leading trading solutions provider, today announced that Buttonwood Group, LLC, a global futures trading firm, has selected RTS for the firm's extensive algorithmic trading strategies used across asset classes in multiple markets worldwide.

Additionally, Buttonwood is the first customer designated as an RTS Technology Partner.

Buttonwood brought together management, traders and quantitative analysts to conduct a "build or buy" analysis and evaluate the best of breed technology to support the firm's proprietary trading strategies. Buttonwood wanted a high-speed, flexible algorithmic trading platform, customized to the needs of its traders, financial engineers and risk personnel, within a short timeframe.

Following Buttonwood's analysis, the firm selected RTS to become a technology partner and soon deployed RTD Tango, the algorithmic trading solution. Together, RTS and Buttonwood are working as a team to support Buttonwood's sophisticated, high-frequency trading strategies globally across a range of fixed income, energy and index markets, with solutions customized for Buttonwood's needs.

Dave Dugan, Chief Operating Officer of Buttonwood Group, said: "We believe that RTS is progressive and a lead innovator in the race to zero latency, specifically in support of our high-frequency trading strategies. The RTD Tango solution and open architecture of the firm's API's have enabled our traders to take their critical strategies, build algorithms and integrate them seamlessly into a back-testing and production environment. We have received tremendous support from the RTS sales and technology staff, who have provided invaluable assistance in our development of complementary tools. As a technology partner, Buttonwood has a key role in the integration of RTS' technology with third party functionality, such as historical tick databases (Exchange Systems Inc) and post-market risk management (Global Risk Corp)."

Greg Veselica, Managing Director of Buttonwood, said: "It's fundamentally important for us to be able to profitably manage our business by giving our traders the ability to cost-effectively take their great ideas, test them rigorously and put them into production quickly. RTS meets our extremely high standards and gives us this highly adaptive algorithmic trading capability, along with connectivity to more than 100 marketplaces globally, the ability to put in place prudent risk controls for us and our clearing firm, a strong order management system and solid core architecture technology."

Said Brian Haag, Vice President, Sales of RTS Realtime Systems: "We are thrilled about this relationship, as working with a customer who is a technology partner allows us to further leverage our solutions."

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