Global Payments releases IP enabled Internet connectivity products

Source: Global Payments

Global Payments Inc. (NYSE:GPN) , a world leader in electronic transaction processing solutions, announced today the release of GlobalNet @dvantage, an Internet connectivity product suite offering high-speed, direct transaction processing to Global Payments.

Merchants will also benefit from the flexibility in the transmission of transaction information, the high levels of security and privacy, and potential cost savings that high-speed communication and direct connection offers.

The GlobalNet @dvantage suite of products allows the processing of all payment types including credit, debit, check, gift card and EBT and also allows Global Payments to accept any type of IP transaction from multiple Point-of-Sale (POS) devices. GlobalNet @dvantage incorporates Global Gateway @dvantage, which is Global Payments' secure, SSL gateway for both PC and terminal applications and a number of integrated POS and cash register systems.

GlobalNet @dvantage also includes Global's IP VPN software solution, which promises secure and flexible Internet connectivity with the benefits of cost savings and transaction speed. These connectivity options allow merchants to transmit transactions over the Internet directly to Global Payments, while maximizing security and minimizing operational costs.

And, to complete its suite of Internet products, Global Payments today also announced major enhancements to its Retail/Restaurant @dvantage SoftPay Verix product, making it capable of supporting transmission of transactions via the Internet and/or dial up. IP transactions are processed through Global Gateway @dvantage, so merchants can now take advantage of faster transactions to deliver higher levels of customer service and save valuable time. With Retail/Restaurant @dvantage SoftPay Verix, customers can send transactions to Global in a variety of the most popular data transmission options.

Chairman, President and CEO of Global Payments, Paul R. Garcia, said, "Global Payments is committed to the expansion of connectivity options that make it fast, secure and convenient for merchants of all sizes and types to process Internet transactions. Whether the focus is on security or transaction speed, Global Payments has a solution set that meets both simple and complex requirements."

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