Bats Europe in inverted UK September pricing special

Source: Bats

Bats Europe, an innovative and technology-leading European Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF), announces inverted pricing and a free liquidity removal incentive for U.K. stocks beginning the 1st of September.

BATS Europe's standard rate for U.K. stocks in September will be a rebate of 0.40 basis points for adding liquidity with a charge of just 0.20 basis points to remove, the lowest liquidity removal fee for U.K. stocks among major exchanges and MTFs.

As a bonus, participants whose daily average notional traded in U.K. stocks on BATS Europe is £50 million or greater in September will NOT BE CHARGED for removing liquidity on U.K. stocks during the month.

"As BATS Europe's participant base expands we are renewing our commitment to the trading community, by offering special pricing unmatched by our competitors. The low latency, highly efficient BATS Europe platform is geared to handle trading from each and every type of participant with its consistent, resilient performance, and we look forward to earning your business," said Mark Hemsley, CEO of BATS Europe.


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