Mauritius Commercial Bank live with Level Four ATM testing technology

Source: Level Four

Level Four, the leading provider of open standards-based ATM software, today announced that the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) has successfully gone live with its ATM Developer automated testing solution.

MCB is the largest bank in Mauritius and has an ATM estate of 146 machines. Through the use of Level Four's ATM Developer, the bank is now able to automate the testing of its ATMs, speeding up the deployment of new ATM software and services and reduce the amount of internal resource required.

Before the deployment of ATM Developer, MCB performed manual testing to ensure any change to the ATM network didn't impact the channel's availability. This time-intensive exercise was performed on physical ATMs and impeded the rapid deployment of software updates and service enhancements.

In view of further improving the service delivery to its clients, MCB required an automated testing and development application capable of streamlining the bank's process and reducing the time to market for new services. The bank signed the contract with Level Four in March 2009 before going live with ATM Developer in June 2009.

By deploying ATM Developer, MCB is now able to perform thorough testing, carry out parallel testing and respond to business requirements in considerably less time than its previous manual testing process allowed. It will enable the bank to test Bunch Note Acceptance (BNA) transactions, which it plans to introduce soon, and to simulate all possible device faults without the need for physical ATM testing. Without ATM Developer, the introduction of BNA transactions would have been challenging as they require more frequent and rigorous testing of the ATM network due to the increased complexities involved.

Jean-Francois Provencal, Self-Service Banking Coordinator of MCB says: "ATM Developer is a very interesting tool. It allows us to simulate scenarios and test new ATM functionalities/screens that we want to implement. We have a range of new services and products coming soon that we wish to operate through our ATM network and being able to automate the testing will save us time and money. Being able to perform comprehensive tests from a laptop in our office and at a time convenient to us - instead of having to be physically present in the ATM labs - are a few of the benefits of having this tool. Moreover we no longer have to keep different ATM models or occupy space in ATM labs."

Ian Kerr, CEO, Level Four, said: "This is our first contract in Mauritius and it is pleasing to see the largest bank in the country recognizing the benefits that automated testing can bring. The fact that MCB primarily deployed ATM Developer to support the launch of their own new products and services through the ATM is a testament to the significant business benefits this software brings to our customers."

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