TestLink wins ATM remanufacturing deal with Czech bank

Source: ATM remanufacturer TestLink

Independent ATM remanufacturer TestLink has gained an initial order to remanufacture ATMs for a leading Czech bank - cutting its ATM purchase costs.

TestLink has remanufactured and upgraded ATMs for a number of the bank's off-site locations across the Czech Republic.

The ATMs are all 'through the wall' NCR 5684 machines - remanufactured by TestLink to help them cope better with high volumes of transactions and extend their operational lifecycles.

TestLink has also refurbished a large number of ATM cassettes to ensure their correct configuration and maximum long-term reliability.

The company is now in further talks with the bank with hopes that more branches could benefit from remanufactured ATMs.

It is the first time the bank had considered having its ATM machines remanufactured and cassettes refurbished but the ATM purchase and environmental benefits proved to be too good to ignore.

Independent ATM deployers, banks, mutuals and other financial institutions that choose remanufactured ATMS from TestLink can save up to 70 per cent compared with the cost of new ATMs.

These 'as new' ATMs are highly reliable because they are remanufactured by OEM-trained engineers at TestLink.

Remanufactured ATMs are also environmentally friendly. TestLink engineers meticulously strip down and rebuild thousands of ATM modules that would otherwise have ended up in landfill sites for years to come.

TestLink Business Development Manager Rastislav Justh said: "The client expressed positive feelings and feedback about the look and quality of our remanufactured ATMs.

"They said the remanufactured ATMs were a very interesting alternative option for off-site locations where there was no need to install brand new ATMs, thus bringing quality to their customers together with cost savings.

"Their teams worked well with our engineers during the testing and approval of the remanufactured ATMs. Their technicians have a good understanding of what TestLink can offer."

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