Aesthology ships money management iPhone app

Source: Aesthology

Money Diary, a new money organizer application for iPhone and iPod touch, gives users immediate access to managing expenses, charting income and handling budget items, all with a touch of the screen.

Designed by Aesthology, a product development, software consulting and design company specializing in mobile development, Money Diary is available at the App Store for $4.99/3.99 euros. Since its launch in early August, Money Diary has already become the number one finance app in Italy and Japan.

"What makes this application really user-friendly is its easy-to-read graphic presentation," said Kazushi Oenoki, CEO of Aesthology. "While some apps only track expenses, Money Diary makes it possible to chart income as well. And we incorporated graphs as a standard and always-available feature for ease of use." High contrast graphs let the user easily compare things like credit card expenditures and other expenses from month to month. This kind of real-time information boosts both budget and savings management.

Designed to be used with currencies anywhere in the world, Money Diary is ideal for everyday use for consumers all around the globe. "Our goal was to give users the tools to easily manage their income and expenses anytime, anywhere," says Oenoki. Users can choose from existing revenue/income categories, like food, entertainment, transportation and electronics, or customize their own in the edit mode.

Money Diary gives users the power to:

  • Manage both income and expenses
  • Use graphs and charts to assess status in multiple categories
  • Enter data quickly
  • Access features such as recurring income/expenses, carry-over and built-in calculator
  • Take a photo inside the application and attach it to expense/income data
  • Customize payment methods, categories and currencies
  • Export CSV files via web browser on Mac or PC
  • Backup and restore data in Mac or PC via Money Diary Sync

Despite its comprehensive features, Money Diary is surprisingly easy to use. "We wanted it to be an intuitive tool in a colorful, attractive package," he says. "Money Diary actually makes managing your money fun."

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