CMS BondEdge ships upgrade

Source: CMS BondEdge

CMS BondEdge, a division of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC), and a leading provider of fixed income portfolio analytics, today announced the general release of BondEdge version 5.2. This latest version features a host of improvements for its core markets in North America. In addition to enhanced multiple portfolio batch what-if functionality and hybrid arm prepayment modeling capabilities, version 5.2 includes expanded performance measurement data for high yield and municipal indices. Lastly, a new key rate durations report enables insurance companies to respond more effectively to the Standard & Poor's Financial Products Company (FPC) Model.

BondEdge, which already includes batch what-if functionality to assist fixed income portfolio managers with analysis for trade decisions across multiple portfolios, now offers new functionality that helps managers "solve" for par values to be bought and/or sold according to certain attributes. Teri Geske, senior vice president of product development for CMS BondEdge, commented, "This new functionality streamlines the portfolio manager's decision-making process significantly by solving based on a variety of choices such as 'Percentage of Market Value', 'Contribution to Duration', or 'Pro Rata,' across potentially hundreds, even thousands, of portfolios. Given that many of our clients now manage an increasing number of portfolios, whether as a result of organic business growth or industry consolidation, this new functionality is an extremely powerful tool and tremendous time saver."

The latest version of BondEdge also includes an update to the CMS BondEdge ARM prepayment model, which now incorporates the prepayment sensitivity specific to Hybrid ARMs. "Given the continued increased issuance of these instruments," noted Ms. Geske, "many more of our clients are investing in these types of ARMs than ever before, so we've refined our model in response to this noteworthy market trend."

BondEdge clients are also now able to incorporate additional municipal and high yield indices in BondEdge performance measurement reports, allowing clients with holdings in these specialized asset classes to quickly and effectively analyze sources of relative return according to key characteristics.

Laurie Adami, president of CMS BondEdge, stated, "With this latest release of BondEdge, we've incorporated a variety of important enhancements designed to help managers with an increasing number of portfolios composed of an increasing breadth of security types. Our access tools facilitate robust, time-efficient trade scenario and investment return analysis, even amid continued, high levels of market volatility. We continue to make investments that will enhance our customers' ability to process their fixed income trades, including opportunities to connect various BondEdge functions more directly with a variety of trade order management systems and fixed income ECNs."

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