RTS adds Need to Know News feed for algo traders

Source: RTS Realtime Systems Group

RTS Realtime Systems Group, a leading trading solutions provider, announced that it is now offering an ultra-low latency economic data feed for algorithmic trading clients from Washington-based Need to Know News (NTKN).

RTS has integrated NTKN's "Lightning Bolt-i" feed into its RTD Tango algorithmic trading solution, enabling clients to enrich their trading strategies by seamlessly incorporating digitized global economic data into their algorithms.

The offering provides high speed access to vital international economic data and news for the algorithmic trading community, including sophisticated hedge funds and other speed-sensitive institutions desiring sub-millisecond latency. The data is particularly useful for those trading U.S. Treasury and other global fixed income products, as well as energy and other commodities.

The computer-readable, digitized distribution of U.S. and international economic releases and data includes key economic indicators such as housing, unemployment, retail sales and gross domestic product.

Said Alex Lamb, Executive Board Member at RTS: "We are very pleased to offer this exciting new capability to users of RTD Tango. It brings our clients a new level of high-value, high-speed content, on top of the already substantial logical functionality we offer based on market and trade data. This is the latest example of how easy we've made it for our clients to integrate vital, timely external data into our solutions."

Clint Rhea, Chief Operating Officer of NTKN, said: "With our "Lightning Bolt-i" (Lightning Bolt integrated) feed, traders are privy to key global economic releases and other market-moving news throughout the day. Our journalists report via ultra-low latency infrastructures and have privileged access to vital official data from sources such as governments and central banks."

Rohan Bedarkar, RTS Product Manager, said: "We are extremely pleased with NTKN. Its team is very professional and helped us to ensure a seamless integration into RTD Tango via our proprietary Feed API."

The data flows from government-embargoed newsrooms through NTKN's dedicated network lines via the RTS Feed API (Application Programming Interface) into RTD Tango. The Feed API is designed as a "construction kit" for enhanced throughput and ease of deployment. The data can therefore flow directly into a trading algorithm.

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