Swinton Insurance selects Certero asset management

Source: Certero

Swinton Insurance, the UK's leading high street insurance retailer, has chosen IT asset management specialist Certero, to provide a solution that gives complete visibility of its IT assets.

Certero's AssetStudio and Software Metering for Decision Makers will provide complete awareness of licensing and compliance issues, and reduce wasted spend on hardware and software.

Using Citrix technology, Certero's AssetStudioTM is a web-based IT asset management, inventory systems and configuration suite, which will enable Swinton to control its IT estate more effectively. Software Metering for Decision Makers is a passive metering tool, that helps organisations discover unused or underutilised software across thin and fat clients.

Steve Baxter, head of service delivery at Swinton Insurance, explains, "We have over 4,000 employees in geographically dispersed offices, 550 retail shops and five large call centres, so keeping track of all our assets is a growing challenge. Working with Certero, we can be fully aware of all our software and hardware, and understand every aspect and complexity of our network system. This is vital for our critical business systems, especially when making changes, when we need the information to ensure that the impact is well understood and that the correct breadth of testing can be undertaken."

Baxter continues, "The network discovery, configuration and license management features of AssetStudioTM will ensure our software is compliant and that we are not wasting money on unnecessary licenses, especially when it comes to expanding our workforce. Certero's Software Metering for Decision Makers provides information to identify unused software so we will be able to take action to remove or reallocate it and reduce the associated costs."

John Lunt, managing director and co-founder of Certero, adds, "We are delighted to be working with Swinton Insurance to help them better understand their IT. With an estimated 30 per cent of underused or unused software accounting for almost 10 per cent of the total IT expenditure in businesses, we've specifically designed our solutions to help identify these and reduce wasted spend. UtilisingAssetStudioTM and Software Metering, Swinton will have a solid base for its operations through effective IT asset management."

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