Tocom virtual trading system goes live

Source: Tokyo Commodity Exchange

Tokyo Commodity Exchange ("Tocom" or the "Exchange") launched yesterday a virtual trading environment, called "Tocom V-Trade", in which a user can virtually experience trading on the new system.

The virtual trading environment has become available by connecting the TOCOM staging environment to the systems of Members and IT Vendors. This virtual trading is initially offered by two IT Vendors, Nihon Techno System Co., Ltd and Nozomi Infotech Private Limited. Nozomi Infotech offers the service both in Japanese and English. Additional companies are expected to start offering this service and the Exchange will list them on its website.

TOCOM's new trading system, based on a NASDAQ OMX package software, offers trading functionalities in line with international standards, which differ completely from what was available under the previous system, including a wider array of order types and a circuit breaker system. With the launch of TOCOM V-Trade, the Exchange hopes that, by experiencing trading as if on the live environment, with the same new trading system and the same trading rules, Members and individual investors will be able to deepen their understanding and knowledge of trading on the TOCOM market. .

[TOCOM V-Trade Service]

  • Service Cost: free of charge
  • Basic Service Hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM through 8:00 AM on the following day (subject to service availability at service providers)
  • Service Details: Please click on the "TOCOM V-Trade" button on the top page of the TOCOM website


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