Advanced Markets launches FX DMA market access

Source: Advanced Markets

Advanced Markets today announces the launch of its comprehensive FX DMA market structure, which provides traders with direct, unintermediated access to spot FX prices streamed by 11 top tier FX banks.

Advanced Markets' DMA model is designed for experienced traders who understand the benefits of accessing the spot FX market directly in a fully transparent, low latency, professional environment.

"Our DMA model represents an evolutionary step in the development of FX trading," said Anthony Brocco, CEO, Advanced Markets. "DMA combines the reliable, continuous liquidity of the best dealers with the transparency, anonymity and neutral multibank pricing of ECNs for an ideal trading environment for price sensitive traders."

Advanced Markets does not operate a dealing desk. All trades are automatically and instantly offset with the bank providing the best bid or offer on the platform. This protocol and Advanced Markets trading technology ensure fast, reliable trade executions without re-quotes or dealing desk intervention.

"We believe our DMA model offers powerful advantages to savvy FX traders by providing unintermediated access to prices generated by leading banks in the interbank FX markets," said Brocco. "These advantages start with robust FX market data to support fundamental and technical trading models to full depth-of-book transparency to support pre-trade analytics and finally tight bid/offer spreads and deep liquidity for optimal trade executions."

Other defining criteria of Advanced Markets' FX DMA model are:

  • All trades are matched solely on a price/time protocol. There are no requotes.
  • Prices are displayed in the full range (0-9) of one-tenth pip pricing consistent with professional FX market quotation protocols.
  • All trading is anonymous. Anonymity ensures neutral prices reflecting global FX market conditions, not a dealer's knowledge or familiarity with a client's trading methods, strategies, tactics or current position(s).
  • Advanced Markets is strictly an agency broker. It is not a market maker or liquidity destination on the DMA platform it provides to clients.
  • Bid/offer spreads are variable, not fixed, reflecting interbank market conditions, including volatility, pending or recently released news, as well as bank market maker client flows.
  • Advanced Markets charges a disclosed commission. Alternatively, a fixed mark up can be added to bid/offer spread at the client's discretion.

Advanced Markets DMA platform is available directly to experienced individual traders and fund managers via a choice of front-end, API and FIX interfaces. It is also available to on a wholesale, partnership basis to financial institutions worldwide.

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