Psydex launches news companion for AOL IM service

Source: Psydex

Psydex, a provider of services that search and analyze the world's real-time information sources, has launched the Psyng Bot instant messaging companion.

Psyng Bot, a powerful but lightweight application that works with AOL's popular AIM instant messaging service, gives institutional traders the fastest-possible access to newswires, blogs, social media feeds and TV news closed captions-as they're published. Unlike traditional search engines and news aggregators, Psyng Bot scours the real-time Web-not the delayed, historical Web-resulting in the early detection of significant news events. Psyng Bot delivers news and intelligence from leading sources such as:

  • AP Business Wire, Dow Jones, and PR Newswire
  • Thousands of online publications and blog feeds
  • TV captions from CNN, FOX News, Bloomberg TV and other news channels
  • Social media feeds such as Twitter

"AP. Dow Jones. CNBC. Twitter. The list goes on," says Rob Usey, CEO and co-founder of Psydex. "Buy-side and sell-side traders have an ever-expanding list of news and data sources to track-so many that they need multiple displays. For these information-overloaded professionals, anything that streamlines and analyzes their data is extremely valuable."

Because Psyng Bot does not require software downloads, no complicated IT integration is needed. Further, since much of the investment community already uses AIM, traders get the added functionality of Psydex technology-while using only a tiny section of display space. All a customer needs is an AIM screen name to get started.

When an IM user submits a query, such as a company's stock symbol, to the Psyng Bot, the latest news and price quotes are streamed instantly and continually. These results can be quickly and easily shared through the Psynger Network and Twitter.

"Most traders already use AIM to communicate in real time with colleagues and clients," Usey continued. "With Psyng Bot, traders are also connected in real time with the pulse of the world."

Further, Psyng Bot users are shown data streams from the mthe most reputable of sources. This greatly minimizes the amount of "noise" that is so common with manual searches and other data services.

"Psyng Bot gives any professional, whether they're a sales trader or brand manager, instant access to news that impacts them," says Don Simpson, CTO and co-founder of Psydex. "It's like having a dedicated assistant reading all the news, instantly relaying relevant headlines and alerting you to news events."

The Sound of Now is Getting Louder

Psyng Bot is available starting at $49 a month as a stand-alone service or as a complementary offering to Psydex's other premium news service offerings. Far more than a search engine or news aggregator, Psyng, The Sound of NowTM, cuts through the noise across information sources, revealing statistical patterns and trends in social networks, human behavior and financial markets. For professionals such as brand managers, traders and investors, quick insight into world events is paramount. Delays in responding to these events can result in missed opportunities, lost profits, or even increased exposure to risk.

That's why Psydex, since its last $3.5 million venture funding, has been developing Psyng Bot and other innovative services to change the way the world looks at news. See what a top analyst recently said about Psyng.

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