CL Verify UK unveils fraud and banking system

Source: CL Verify UK

CL Verify UK, a leading real time credit reporting agency, today announced the launch of its exclusive Fraud and Banking Solution, providing lenders, credit issuers and collection firms with exclusive access to highly predictive information available for evaluating UK consumer credit risk.

The Solution combines more than 20 years of UK and IRE bank account performance information with the Company's industry leading analytic experience to deliver over 30 identity, bank account and financial performance attributes along with two highly predictive scores.

"The UK consumer demand for short term liquidity is sizable and growing rapidly. Yet the substantial risk of credit losses has resulted in the majority of applications being unapproved because of insufficient risk management information available up to now," said Kim Anderson, Managing Director. "Our Fraud and Banking SolutionTM directly meets this challenge by delivering exclusive access to unique, highly predictive information and advanced analytic resources designed to mitigate risk and develop profitable, sustainable loan portfolios for our clients."

Built using unique and proprietary data sources, coupled with the power of the PreView Technology platform and the experience of the leading US real-time credit bureau, this innovative decision tool allows users to effectively decision UK consumer credit applications in real-time. By minimising fraud risk and reducing payment defaults and charge-offs, Fraud and Banking Solution users can successfully deploy lending strategies which optimise Total Portfolio Profitability.

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