ABN Amro extends Parlano implementation

Source: Parlano

Parlano, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent enterprise instant messaging applications, today announces ABN AMRO has extended its initial implementation of MindAlign and standardised on Parlano's solutions for its presence, information management and group messaging infrastructure. Expanding from the initial 2,500 employees in 17 countries, today ABN AMRO has enabled real-time, persistent communications and information management to over 3,800 employees in 45 countries around the world.

"In originally selecting MindAlign, we focused on ease of use and immediate return on investment as critical success factors," said Conor Ogle, global head of fixed income business management for ABN AMRO. "The rapid adoption and assimilation of the solution into our day-to-day processes, operations and applications has enabled us to remain focused on our clients while leveraging the global strength of the bank. Whether it has been identifying and executing trades across our global product desks, collaborating real-time to structure capital markets opportunities, expediting the distribution of client feedback and proprietary research or bringing groups of people together on the fly to make critical decisions, the availability of presence information and real-time access to communications has significantly improved the effectiveness of our operations."

ABN AMRO has realised additional benefits from MindAlign including:
  • Improved use of and benefit from third-party market data sources
  • Faster,more consistent dissemination of proprietary research
  • Increased speed of trading operations around the globe
  • Increased visibility of market conditions and opportunities
  • Increased customer satisfaction through secure and immediate connectivity
  • Decreased email storage requirements
  • Decreased international voice network traffic

"When you look at the value of information in today's financial markets, seconds equate directly to millions, if not tens of millions, of dollars. The faster you can receive critical elements of market data, interpret it in light of internal intelligence and execute processes, the more successful the organisation will be," states Nick Fera, chief executive officer for Parlano. "ABN AMRO believes wholeheartedly in the value of information and communications. The acceptance and adoption of MindAlign illustrates their commitment to exceeding the requirements for today's markets. We are pleased to continue to provide an increasingly critical application for their day-to-day operations."

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