LPL Financial chooses CA for e-mail supervision

Source: CA

CA, Inc. (Nasdaq: CA) today announced that LPL Financial, the nation's largest independent broker/dealer, has selected CA Message Manager to help the organization archive, manage and track email.

CA and Acxiom Corporation (Nasdaq: ACX) have partnered to provide LPL Financial with a comprehensive, cloud-based and hosted solution designed to archive, discover and manage email systems providing litigation readiness, legal holds, compliance, governance, retention and disposition functionality.

CA Message Manager is a FINRA compliant solution that will replace a previous email management solution used by LPL Financial for an estimated savings of over one million dollars per year. Using CA Message Manager will enable LPL Financial to conduct its own eDiscovery searches with pre-review capabilities, rather than being charged per search as their previous solution required. Additionally, improved email supervision that reduces false positives is expected to reduce attendant supervision time and significantly decrease review expenses.

CA Message Manager is a mailbox management, eDiscovery and supervision tool that helps organizations archive, manage and track email as a valuable corporate asset. It provides the tools to facilitate the cost-effective management of email as an integral part of overall business. CA Message Manager tightly integrates with CA Records Manager to help ensure that emails are consistently managed according to corporate retention policies, and is U.S. DoD 5015.2 certified.

"CA and Acxiom have partnered to deliver a robust software as a service (SaaS) email archiving solution that brings together CA's world-class software capabilities with Acxiom's high-performance, secure infrastructure management core competencies," said Marty Sunde, Acxiom senior vice president, Global Infrastructure Management Services. "CA's Message Manager software, combined with Acxiom's hosting expertise, provides LPL with a robust email archiving solution that gives the organization the flexibility to conduct its eDiscovery in-house. The economic and regulatory demands on enterprises today require a cost-effective solution to help provide transparency, availability, responsiveness and predictability back to the customer, and that is what CA and Acxiom deliver."

"CA Message Manager will help LPL Financial reduce complexity and deliver increased quality of service," said Galina Datskovsky, Ph.D., CRM, senior vice president and general manager of Information Governance at CA. "This was a critical requirement in order to meet the company's high customer service expectation and regulatory compliance objectives. The selection of CA Message Manager by LPL Financial is further validation of our continuing leadership in this market."

"CA Message Manager has provided LPL Financial immediate savings over our previous solution and gives us the ability to better focus on our day-to-day business operations," said Joe Tuorto, managing director, head of Compliance, LPL Financial. "CA and Acxiom are helping us meet our service levels, reduce our risk and optimize our compliance requirements, so that we can continue to best serve our customers -- independent financial advisors and institutions across the country -- as effectively and efficiently as possible."

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