Charles River integrates UBS Perimeter algo

Source: Charles River Development

Charles River Development, an award-winning provider of financial software and services to the global investment management community, today announced that the Charles River Investment Management System (Charles River IMS) is fully integrated with UBS Perimeter, a new US algorithm that allows clients to trade outside of regular market hours.

UBS Perimeter allows Charles River IMS clients to work orders in the market based on a variety of desired parameters and urgency levels.

"We've offered integrated algorithmic trading strategies for a number of years," said Tom Driscoll, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Charles River Development. "Our partnership with UBS expands our offering, allowing clients to take advantage of the unique suite of UBS algorithms directly from the Charles River Trader blotter."

"Our clients have asked us for innovative ways to intelligently participate in the pre-open, the open, and the close, so we created a unique strategy to help them do that in a way that meets a variety of goals," said Owain Self, head of UBS Algorithmic Trading for the Americas and EMEA. "Charles River worked with us to quickly and efficiently deploy this new strategy in a very user-friendly way. It is a great demonstration of how our powerful partnership can deliver real benefit to clients."

UBS is one of over 40 algorithmic brokers with more than 500 algorithmic strategies integrated with Charles River IMS. Charles River clients can customize vendor-supplied algorithms in real time, as well as execute multiple strategies simultaneously. Charles River's meta-driven infrastructure allows clients to take advantage of customized sell-side algorithms, or access new liquidity destinations, without the need for additional software upgrades.

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